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Hello – My name is Jacqui, I have been delivering messages as a Medium for over fifteen years. These can be a past, present and future reading for the client or a message from a loved one in spirit. I have trained with top international mediums such as Tony Stockwell and Tim Abbott to further my abilities, along with studying at Stanstead Hall – a centre of excellence for mediums.


Readings & Spiritual Guidance
I provide tailor made readings to suit your needs. Readings can include past, present future, guidance and contact from loved ones in the spirit world.

An opportunity for those interested in beginning or developing their psychic and mediumistic awareness.

Reiki treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit. I am a level 2 Reiki Practitioner, offering Reiki healing sessions.

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Individual & group bookings, contact me for further details!


Your Questions Answered

I'm sure you have lots of questions you would like answered about readings, within the following video I answer the most commonly asked questions.

Do you do home visits?

Yes I do, for a minimum of four, one to one private readings. I travel within 30 – 40 minutes of my home. I will work daytime or evenings to suit you.

What type of readings do you do?

I do two types, a general life guidance reading with may include contact from loved ones, alternatively I can offer direct communication with a named loved one in spirit world, receiving proof and validation from me of their connection with you. This is an opportunity for you to reconnect with them and to either have time to chat or to ask for their guidance on any questions you may want to ask.

Where are you based?

I work from home, in a village called Norton Canes, Near to Cannock.

Do you work daytimes, evenings and weekends?

Yes, I work daytimes at home, evenings only for groups and at your homes, and Saturdays either daytime or evenings again for groups at your home. I don’t work Sundays, sorry.

Psychic, Medium, Clairvoyant, or Tarot Reader?

So the answer is, all of those things. I have being working now for around 15-17 years, and done so many training courses, at church, privately, with International Mediums, so I’m just still developing all the time. I went on some training recently. I’m like everyone else; if you want to be good at your job you just carry on doing more training.

I worry that you’ll think my question is silly?
Definitely not! However strange to you, I’ve either had personal experience or have been asked the question before, so please do contact me, it may put your mind at rest.
How long will I have to wait to see you?
Usually around six to eight weeks, but I do have a cancellation list, so I can pop you on that in case anything sooner comes up. I will always post my availability on my website and my facebook page.
Other Questions

What do you mean by a group? Ok this sometimes causes confusion. Every reading I do is one to one and private reading individually. I do not do a group of people all together.

I can’t attend my appointment what do I do? Please, please let me know as soon as possible. I have a waiting list of people just waiting for a cancellation, so it really isn’t a problem. I’m happy to reschedule you at another time. I have started blocking people who just don’t arrive as it’s so unfair to others. A simple call or text is all it takes.

Can my friend sit in with me? No I’m afraid not, because I would be picking up on their energy and their loved ones, so this is not possible.

How long is a reading? Reading last approximately 30 – 40 minutes depending on the amount of information I’m given for you.

Do I record the readings? No, not at the moment. I’m happy for you to record on your phones or other devices, which most of my clients prefer to do anyway.

I live to far away, not in country, I’m disabled, or I’m unable to get to you? That’s not a problem, we can connect via Skype. It’s free and easy to install on your mobile phone, laptop or tablet. Then we can do the reading via a video link.

Will I give you bad news? I would NEVER give bad news, advice yes. I was recently made aware that someone was told when to expect someone to die!! Have trained with some of the finest Mediums in the country and I very much doubt spirit would give that information, let alone ask us to pass it on! In my opinion that is very bad and irresponsible mediumship.

Can we leave you feedback about our readings anywhere? You certainly can, and I’d be very grateful. Pop onto the testimonials section on this site and feel free to leave your thoughts and feelings about you experience and reading there. It’s always so nice for new clients to see recommendations so they can be reassured that they will receive a great reading and service.

I had a reading and didn’t believe some of the stuff you told me but want you to know, it all came true! Lovely! please share on the website testimonials page or drop me a text. I love to hear from you.

Do those that pass over enter into new relationships, or do they wait for us? I personally have not heard of new relationships in the spirit world. I’m very much aware that your loved ones are waiting for you, so that you are reunited with them at some point on the other side.

Does spirit know if you are not ready to hear from them? I’ve never had a spirit not come through and talk, I would say go with your own gut instinct and you will know when you are ready yourself.

When I smell my mom’s perfume does that mean she has come to visit me? I would say yes. When you can smell things it called Clairsentient, it’s the ability to smell, feel, see or hear your loved ones. So any regular smells around you, if you recognise them as belonging to a certain person, they will be with you at that time.

I been poorly and dreamt of my mom, what does this mean? In my experience, you will feel the energy and the presence of a loved one when you are going through traumatic, difficult or worrying times. They are most definitely with you more when you experiencing difficult times.

Do you do events? I don’t do very many events nowadays as I am so busy. I do some charity events but only if there is a private room available. I don’t think that a craft fair for instance, or a pub, is the correct environment for you to receive a reading.

If you come to my house I’m worried that you will leave spirits here?

This is a regular question I get asked. When I start working I open up to the spirit world and join the two realms together, and when I’m finished I close it. Your loved ones, and your visitors loved ones, will go back to the spirit world.

Does the spirit world mind coming through? Loved ones will come and talk if they want to. I would and could not ever force that to happen. My experiences tell me that they are very happy to communicate with you.

How long have you had ‘The Gift’ This question always makes me smile: I feel a bit uncomfortable with the word ‘gift’, so what I would say to you is, if you have a skill like maybe a nurse, you do a lot of training and you have a lot of qualifications, so that how I feel about me. I’ve done an awful lot of training. I’ve worked hard to be as good as I am. So although I was aware that I could contact the spirit world after some initial training, it really needed a lot of hard work to get reach a standard where it was a quality reading for a client.

How long after someone has passed can you contact them? I have done a reading when a ladies mum had only passed the previous day! Some Mediums will say three months and that seems to be a common myth. Not for me, I can do a reading for you when your loved ones are still in the chapel or rest. I would say it’s more about, when you are ready to talk to your loved one.

How long should I leave it between each reading? This varies massively from client to client depending on whether you have a very complicated life with lots going on and lots of changes you may feel you need to come more often until things settle down. If not you can come, look at the information you have received and then come along again when you feel you need to. I’m always very honest with my clients and will not be booking you in every couple of months.

What is Astral Travel, Reincarnation, Out of body experiences, near death experiences, why am I seeing 111 regularly, what are orbs, how will I know when my loved ones are around me, does my child see a loved one with them? On my main page you will see lots of articles on these and various interesting subjects so do have a noisy around.

Can we contact children and Angel babies from still birth, infant loss and miscarriage in the spirit world? Absolutely! If they are too young to speak for themselves I always find that an adult will come along with them to help them.

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